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The George F. Hancock Family Book

This book is based on the George and Lillie May Hancock family tree, and hopefully, eventually containing sections for each decedent or decedent family. We will expand each section with information and pictures about that person or family.

Tim's Reunion Pictures

These photos were taken by Tim using his iPhone at the 2009 Reunion at Lake Murray. Will add more captions later. Enjoy.

How to make your photos available here

Here is a brief step by step method to make your photos available to this web site, through the use of the Google Picasaweb photo publishing tool. This is not too complex, but if you are not comfortable with working on the computer or web, ask one of your younger computer savvy relatives or friends to help you with these instructions.

Welcome to the Hancock Family Reunion Web Site!

We hope this site will become useful for members of the George and Lillie Mae Hancock family and reunion attendees. We are creating an email newsletter subscription service for family members, and we may also try out a discussion mail list subscription service, if there is interest. We will also publish photos and stories that family members wish to share.

A contact form is available if you have content, questions or comments for this site. We are still developing the site, so come back again soon.

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